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February Valentine's Meetup - Love Part 4: Old Songs. COME OUT AND PLAY!!!
February Valentine's Meetup - Love Part 4: Old Songs. COME OUT AND PLAY!!! Music
February Valentine's Meetup - Love Part 4: Old Songs. COME OUT AND PLAY!!! A Legna Wood Fired Pizza, 47 S Park Pl, Morristown, NJ, USA

This event is scheduled between : 02/08/2023, 6:30 pm to 02/08/2023, 8:30 pm

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We'll be back at A Legna (our wonderful window-on-the-Green) just in time to prepare for Valentine's Day with some wonderful old love songs. TAKE NOTE: This month the honorary first-Wednesday-of-the-month will be... the second Wednesday of the month. (Yeah, sorry about that. We'll be meeting on February 8.) Please do plan to graciously benefit A Legna's business as well, since they have a full menu of delicious Italian fare.

Here's a link to our new songbook "LOVE SONGBOOK (Part 4, Old Songs)":

All of the video tutorials / play-alongs will be up on Jan 10 as well (1 a day), so go for it!
Background: Kathy and I just got married, so we're having 4 months that are all about US! I.e., they're all about love, in 4 parts:
-- Part 1, Songs of New Love (September)
-- Part 2, Songs of Long Love (October)
-- Part 3, New Songs of love (November)
-- Part 4, Old Songs of love (February, just before Valentine's Day!)

We're finishing up with style in Part 4 here with OLD songs of love. I'm thinking by "old" they should be OLDER THAN ME, so that means pre-1960. That gives you several hundred years of English songs to work with, plus - as always - when it's your turn you can make up your own rules. I.e. if a song is old to YOU I suppose you could say that's good enough; or if love in general has DONE YOU WRONG, then feel free to bring us a "love bites" song instead.

We’ll follow our usual agenda, with a playalong to our OLD LOVE SONGS SONGBOOK - linked above - preceded and followed by a round-robin style jam. Bring a song or two to play for us or lead us in playing with you, your choice. We promise to be a generous and encouraging audience. (Bonus points for following the “OLD LOVE SONGS” theme, but as always YOU call the shots when you’re up!) FEEL FREE to contact me with any questions or concerns! And then COME OUT AND PLAY with us!

-- 1950 - Sentimental Me (The Ames Brothers, Elvis Presley)
-- 1951 - Too Young (Nat King Cole, Donny Osmond)
-- 1952 - You Belong To Me (Jo Stafford)
-- 1953 - Stranger In Paradise (Tony Bennett)
-- 1954 - Sh-Boom - aka Life Could Be A Dream (The Chords)
-- 1955 - Only You (The Platters)
-- 1956 - I Want You, I Need You, I Love You (Elvis Presley)
-- 1957 - Peggy Sue (Buddy Holly)
-- 1958 - Devoted To You (The Everly Brothers)
-- 1959 - Put Your Head On My Shoulder (Paul Anka)
As always, any song you bring will be highly celebrated. Have fun prepping or DON’T prep at all, but COME OUT AND PLAY!!!


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