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The Presbyterian Church in Morristown and Cohome team up for nourish.NJ
The Presbyterian Church in Morristown and Cohome team up for nourish.NJ
The Presbyterian Church in Morristown and Cohome team up for nourish.NJ

Published on: 09/18/2023



From Cohome Inc.:

On the last Wednesday of the month, members of the Cohome Social Club walk down to the Presbyterian Church in Morristown‘s (PCM) Parish house.

Cohome, the inclusive housing program for adults who experience disabilities, has made many friendships within PCM over the past year.

Cohome members Jack (right) and Anthony (left) load completed bags into the car for

transport. Photo courtesy of Cohome Inc.

But this particular day is not just about socializing; the mission is to volunteer for nourish.NJ, the local non-profit organization whose goal is to create lasting solutions to the problems of hunger, homelessness and poverty.

Along with healthy meals, nourish.NJ offers housing, work readiness, medical, social and educational services 365 days a year in a warm, safe and caring environment, free of charge, no questions asked.

Its breakfast bag program started during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the program was so popular that it continues today with the help of volunteers like PCM and Cohome.

PCM has supported nourish.NJ for nearly 40 years, back when it was still known as the Community Soup Kitchen.

Marnie Kaller, who is a parishioner, volunteer, and advocate, visited Cohome in 2022 and welcomed the residents to join the program.

“The congregation of the Presbyterian Church in Morristown loves working with the residents of Cohome in preparing breakfast bags for Nourish.NJ,” said Kaller. “So much joy has been shared as we work together to provide for others in the community.”

Members of The Presbyterian Church in Morristown and Cohome divide and conquer tasks for filling nourish.NJ breakfast bags. Photo courtesy of Cohome Inc.

Cohome’s mission is inclusion in all areas of life, including service to others. Regardless of disability, giving is a primary way that we connect with others, and having the opportunity to give back is important for everyone.

Jack, a Cohome resident, volunteers regularly with PCM to fill the breakfast bags.

“It is good to help others with good nutrition,” Jack said. “Helping is what community is about.”

To learn more about Cohome, donate, or find out about volunteer opportunities, email here.

Learn more about PCM’s outreach programs here.

Find out more about nourish.NJ here.

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